Sunday, August 1, 2010

Petitioner fined Rs.30,000 for frivolous suit

Petitioner fined Rs.30,000 for frivolous suit

NEW DELHI – Slapping a fine of Rs.30,000 on a petitioner for a frivolous suit, the Delhi High Court Thursday said such litigation clogs the wheels of justice.

Justice V.B. Gupta hit out at people who file meritless suits and said: “Any litigant, who indulges in mindless litigation and unnecessarily wastes the precious time of the court, should not be spared. He must pay heavy costs for wasting the time of the court.”

“It is well settled that frivolous litigation clogs the wheel of justice, making it difficult for courts to provide easy and speedy justice to genuine litigants. it has also been observed in a large number of cases that meritless litigation should be dealt with a heavy hand,” the court said.

The court passed the order on a plea of a petitioner who approached it 11 years after a trial court passed an order against him. The petitioner pleaded that the trial court had no jurisdiction to pass the order.

Taking strong exception to the plea, Justice Gupta said the objections raised were bogus and frivolous.

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