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SP leader detained for allegedly sexually harassing woman - Classic Example of Misuse

SP leader detained for allegedly sexually harassing woman

Lucknow: Samajwadi Party leader Chandranath Singh was detained in a sexual harassment case after a woman travelling on the Padmavati Express complained that he harassed her on Sunday night. The SP leader complained of chest pain and has been admitted to hospital now.

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Anti-rape bill to be placed in Parliament Tuesday despite opposition by BJP SP. BSP Misuse clause a sticky issue: Dilution of Voyeurism and Stalking ; Age of consent raised back to 18

Anti-rape bill to be placed in Parliament Tuesday despite opposition by BJP SP. BSP Misuse clause a sticky issue: Dilution of Voyeurism and Stalking ; Age of consent raised back to 18

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New Delhi, Mar 18: The government and the opposition today arrived at a consensus at an all-party meeting, wherein the government said it would not oppose if the opposition brings amendment to raise the minimum age of consent for sex from 16 years to 18 years.
Sources said, the government also agreed to provide safeguards in the anti-rape bill to provisions relating to stalking and staring, which have been made non-bailable offences.

The all-party meeting with a resolve that the anti-rape bill will be passed in Parliament this week.

"Largely there is consensus on the intent and the content of the Bill, except that there are concerns about misuse and abuse of some of the provisions of the Bill," Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath had told reporters here after the first round of the all-party meeting.

BJP, SP and other parties demanded that the age of consent for sex be 18 years and not 16 as envisaged in the Ordinance. They contended that since the age of marriage is 18 years, the age of consent should be the same.

Other parties, however, said pre-marital sex is a reality and the age of consent should be 16 years.

Most parties were of the view that the clauses about stalking and voyuerism be tweaked further to prevent misuse.

There should be sufficient safeguards against filing of false cases by political opponents and those wanting to settle scores, they said.

Kamal Nath said the government is ready to bring necessary official amendments in the Bill and ensure its smooth passage.

The government suggested in the meeting that the introduction, discussion and passage of the Bill be done on the same day, that is, tomorrow in Lok Sabha.

The Ordinance lapses on April 4 and the government and most parties are of the view that the Bill be passed with suitable changes before the Budget Session goes into recess on March 22.

The age of consent in Ordinance was 18 and it was brought down to 16 in the proposed Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2013.

Before the ordinance was promulgated, the age of consent was 16. It has been at 16 years for the past 30 years. Before that, the age of consent for sex was considered by the age of puberty which had created confusion, forcing government to fix it at 16.

The Bill had provisions for safeguard against misuse. But the GoM to which it was referred to decided to drop it, maintaining the existing provisions in IPC have sufficient safeguards.

"Some political leaders said the law could be misused ahead of Lok Sabha elections. They wanted safeguards to be specified," a Minister, who attended the meeting, said.

The Criminal Laws Ordinance, which made anti-rape laws more stringent, was promulgated by the President on February 3 in the wake of public outrage over the December 16 Delhi gangrape.

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After separation of a year, wife can’t file complaint under domestic violence act, says high court

 After separation of a year, wife can’t file complaint under domestic violence act, says high court

In an important ruling, the Bombay high court has held that a woman can file a complaint under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence (DV) Act only while still in the domestic relationship.

Justice Roshan Dalvi rejected a petition filed by a woman who had left her husband and two children living in America and returned to Mumbai.

“A wife who has returned from the US and consequently from the domestic relationship and lived in India for one year cannot file an application with regard to that relationship after such time," said Dalvi while upholding a sessions court order.

"Such a woman cannot be considered to be in any domestic relationship," the judge said.

The woman got married in May 1999 and lived with her husband in the US. She returned to India in February 2009.

In January 2010, she filed a complaint under provisions of the DV Act against her husband, but the sessions court rejected her complaint as no domestic relationship existed at the time of filing the complaint.

Upholding the lower court's order, Dalvi clarified that a woman who lived in a domestic relationship earlier, but which ceases only because of the domestic violence, can certainly file an application for such domestic violence that took place during the relationship.

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Aadha Kanoon - The novel Indian Anti rape laws in the making. Poiliticians take their cozy positions under feminist pressure

Here is the full video of the programme that was aired live on 14 March 2013, featuring the positions taken by Congress, BJP, Women activists, Jat Sanghs, Social workers (feminist mindset) and lawyers.
No representataion from Men Rights organisations were taken as usual!!!
Is'nt it really required ??????

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 बला न बन जाए बलात्कार कानून!

मंत्रियों के समूह ने बलात्कार विरोधी कानून का मसौदा तैयार कर दिया है और गुरुवार को इसे कैबिनेट में रखा जा रहा है लेकिन बलात्कार के खिलाफ सख्त कानून के नाम पर जिस तरह से आपसी सहमति से संबंध बनाने की उम्र 18 से 16 किया गया है उस पर सवाल खड़े हो गए हैं. इसके अलावा जिस तरह के आरोपों को गैर जमानती बनाया गया है उससे भी मुश्किल खड़ी हो सकती है. मतलब अब सरकार ने संबंध बनाने के लिए विवाह योग्य उम्र की वर्जना तोड़ने की तैयारी कर ली है. 16 साल में शादी नहीं कर सकते लेकिन संबंध बना सकेंगे. शादी की उम्र लड़कों के लिए 21 साल है. शादी छोड़ दीजिए 16 साल में एडल्ट श्रेणी की फिल्म तक नहीं देख सकते लेकिन संबंध बना सकते हैं, 16 साल में शराब नहीं पी सकते लेकिन शारीरिक संबंध बना सकते हैं.
अब देखिए है किस ज़ुर्म पर कितनी सजा है मंत्री समूह से पास किए गए एंटी रेप कानून में. रेप पर उम्र कैद, तेज़ाब फेंकने पर उम्र कैद, नाबालिग से दुष्‍कर्म पर उम्र कैद, लेकिन जो हाहाकारी है वो ये कि इस कानून में ज़्यादातर गुनाहों को ग़ैर जमानती बना दिया गया है.
मतलब कोई पुरुष ट्रैफिक जाम में फंस गया हो और इत्तेफाक से उसकी कार किसी महिला की कार के पीछे हो तो महिला उसपर पीछा करने का आरोप लगा सकती है और उसकी जमानत नहीं होगी.
इसी तरह आप किसी महिला को पहचानने की कोशिश कर रहे हों और महिला को ये पसंद न आए तो वो उसे 100 नंबर डायल करके अंदर करा सकती है. अगर कोई पुरुष काम करते हुए किसी महिला की तरफ बीच-बीच में देख लेता है तो वो गैर जमानती अपराध का भागीदार है और पुलिस के लिए महिला का बयान आख़िरी होगा. हद ये है कि अगर महिला झूठी निकली तो उसके खिलाफ कोई कार्रवाई नहीं होगी.
कैबिनेट से पास होने के बाद एंटी रेप कानून सर्वदलीय बैठक में रखा जाएगा और वहां से सहमति असहमति के बाद संसद में लेकिन सवाल है कि इस कानून में बचाव की नीयत ज़्यादा है या भय की भूमिका.


Feminism is Talibanism -Radical feminists groups in India had Orchestrated the Delhi gang rape incidence hype and now hijack the proposed Anti rape law by successfully trapping the media hype and Politicians.

Radical feminists groups in India had Orchestrated the Delhi gang rape incidence hype and now  hijack the proposed Anti rape law by successfully trapping the media hype and Politicians.

Media anchors along with the hardcore veteran radical feminist panelists who themselves act as super anchors doesnt allow anyone who oppose their Misandrist mindset.

Here is classical example of the debate on CNN IBN channel's Face The Nation on March 13, 2013,where  the feminists wont allow anyone to go oppsite their wired mindset

Govt's anti-rape law 'biased'? Can't trust women?

Watch the first 11 minutes of this programme, Social Networking telecasted on NDTV 13 March 2013 @6.30 pm

Here the anchor lets Kavita Krishnen, Secretary, All India Progressive Women’s Association, get away with anything and everything. Ohh , the Women NGO were exclusively and constantly monitoring the Emp GOM meet via video conference, so in a way it is the Women radical feminist (Are they the same who orchestrated the Delhi gnag rape hype and also seemingly hijacked the Justice Verma committe)who are making the law and the ministers have allowed themselves to be used as mere pawns at the hands of these Big Bindi sirens who are openly threatening and challenging the VOTE bank hungry Mininsters. Shame on those who make criminal laws in a hurry and under pressure tactics

The Last Word: Has confusion over anti-rape bill undermined govt's image, sincerity? on CNNIBN, The Last word - Hosted by Karan Thapar telecasted on 12 march, 2013

Vrinda Grover, Women activist lawyer
G Subramnium, Member JVC
Abhishek manusinghvi, Congress Spokes spokesman

Feminists groups and women rights activists, mocks and threats of mutiny if govt or anyone oppose them and dares to support the gender neurality and misuse clause of Proposed Anti rape law.
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GoM succumb to feminist pressure tactics. Misuse clause removed from Anti rape law

GoM succumb to feminist pressure tactics. Makes Anti rape law highly Gender biased and removing the  Misuse clause

Here is the News flashed on News 24 news channel as Breaking news on 13 march 2013

Anti-rape Bill: Group of ministers lowers age of consent for sex to 16 years

NEW DELHI: Sorting out differences, a group of ministers (GoM) on Wednesday night recommended lowering of age of consent for sex from 18 to 16 years and suggested stern punishment for offences like stalking.

Working speedily, the GoM completed its task in the second meeting, paving the way for consideration of the Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill by the Union Cabinet on Thursday.

The age of consent for sex was one of the highly contentious provisions in the Bill, because of which it was referred by the Cabinet to the GoM on Tuesday.

"We have gone through every provision of the proposed bill and all issues have been resolved. Now the matter will go to Cabinet tomorrow and hopefully it will be passed tomorrow," telecom minister Kapil Sibal told reporters.

At today's GoM meeting, there was consensus on lowering the age from 18 to 16 years, subject to approval by Parliament.

Women and child development minister Krishna Tirath had been opposing any move to lower the age of consent.

The GoM, chaired by finance minister P Chidambaram, also recommended that sustained stalking be made a non-bailable offence while first offence of voyeurism could be a bailable offence, sources said.

Repeat offences of voyeurisn, inappropriate touch, gesture and remarks have been recommended as non-bailable offences, they said.

The GoM also decided to retain the term 'rape' in the bill and treat it gender-specific, instead of the proposal to make it gender-neutral.

Provisions seeking strong action against those filing false complaints were dropped from the draft Bill, the sources said adding that there was consensus in the GoM that existing laws were adequate for dealing with such cases and it was only a matter of enforcing them.

The Bill will replace Criminal Laws Ordinance promulgated on February 3 in the wake of public outrage over the December 16 Delhi gang rape.

The Ordinance has to be approved by Parliament before its recess from March 22, failing which it would lapse on April 4.

The GoM was also not in favour of replacing the word 'rape' with 'sexual assault' as proposed in the Bill, the sources said.

It also decided to make rape gender-specific, meaning that it could be only against a woman, they said.

Offences such as sodomy can be addressed by the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

Refusing to give details, Sibal said, "there are no differences of opinion".

The GoM was set up in view of persisting differences among ministers on its provisions at the meeting of the Union Cabinet on Tuesday.

However, considering the urgency of the matter, the GoM was asked to submit its report on Wednesday night so that the Bill could be brought before the Cabinet on Thursday.

On the issue of stalking and voyeurism, some ministers were of the view that the provisions would be "prone to misuse" and should only be incorporated after putting in place sufficient safeguards, including harsh penalty for lodging false cases.

Stalking and voyeurism were for the first time defined as criminal offences in the Ordinance.

Some parties like the Samajwadi Party have serious reservations on certain provisions of the ordinance claiming they are prone to misuse.

Lengthy inter-ministerial consultations had taken place on the issue of lowering of the age of consent from 18 years to 16 with the Women and Child Development Ministry strongly opposing the move.

The Bill retains a key provision of the ordinance under which if rape leads to death of the victim or leaves her in a vegetative state, it can also attract death penalty. The minimum punishment is 20 years in jail which may extend upto the "natural life" of the convict. 

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Swaroop Sarkar, SIFF blasts Feminists lies. Debate on Gender Neutrality and Consensual Sex Age issues in Proposed Anti Rape laws. India News 12 March 2013

Swaroop Sarkar, SIFF blasts Feminists lies. Debate on Gender Neutrality and Consensual Sex Age issues in Proposed Anti Rape laws. India News 12 March 2013

(This is recording of the last 10 minutes of  programme which was telecasted live) 

Sms poll result on India News -  Should Consensual Sex Age be lowered to 16 yr ?
YES - 51 %
NO - 49%

Related Media coverage 

Why a gender neutral anti-rape law isn’t anti-women

The question on whether or not rape should be made gender neutral has had many activists up in arms, and is also reportedly a source of conflict between the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Law Ministry, leading to a delay in the introduction of the anti-rape law in Parliament.

Leading women’s rights activist Kavita Krishnan has been one of those who has been against the definition being made gender neutral.

“They are making the law against rape gender-neutral, where the accused is concerned. This means women can now be accused of rape. Now when we were struggling on the streets, was this what we were asking for? Is it a problem is society that women are going around raping men?”, she told Firstpost in an interview.

With all due respect to Ms Krishnan, I strongly disagree.

While it is true that more women get raped and sexually assaulted, it does not mean it does not happen to men at all. Men do get raped – mostly by other men but yes, sometimes by women too. So arguing that the law can be misused is no argument to not pass one at all.

Male rape is in fact, more widespread than many of us think. Delhi gangrape suspect Ram Singh, who allegedly committed suicide on Monday, claimed that he was raped by other male prisoners. And according to Firstpost editor G Pramod Kumar, the problem of male rape in Indian prisons is a real problem:

“The People’s Union of Civil Liberties had this to say about Tihar way back in 1981: “When a young boy enters, the prisoners have been known to have bid a price for the boy. The price offered is in terms of ‘bidis’, soap or charas. Often prisoners have been divided into camps and the groups have fought each other on the issue of who shall have the new entrant.”

The Guardian also did a harrowing story on how male rape is endemic in many of the world’s conflicts.

“Twenty-one per cent of Sri Lankan males who were seen at a London torture treatment centre reported sexual abuse while in detention. In El Salvador, 76% of male political prisoners surveyed in the 1980s described at least one incidence of sexual torture. A study of 6,000 concentration-camp inmates in Sarajevo found that 80% of men reported having been raped” the report said.

But male rape is not just restricted to extraordinary situations like war and prison.

A 2012 psychology study noted that “Victim surveys of British and American males have shown that 3 to 8 percent of males reported at least one adulthood incidence of sexual assault in their lifetimes with at least 5 to 10 per cent of all rape victims being male”

A provocative Stanford university study titled ‘psychology of men and masculinity‘ which states that there are several ‘myths’that often lead to the perception that male rape is not a ‘real’ phenomenon. These include beliefs like:

- Men cannot be raped
- “Real” men can defend themselves against rape
- Men are not affected by rape (or not as much as women)
- A woman cannot sexually assault a man
- Male rape only happens in prisons

One possible solution has been to at least recognise that men can be rape victims, even if the law does not see women as perpetrators. This would at least allow male victims to seek redress under law when they are raped by other men. This is vastly better than taking men out of the equation altogether.

However it is my belief that making a law gender neutral should not be seen as yet ‘another tool’ with which to attack women. Instead it should be viewed as a tool to protect male victims and encourage them to come forward and seek justice under India’s legal system. Taking away their right to seek redress under law is just another form of discrimination, and is in no way a victory either for women or the cause of feminism.

एंटी रेप लॉ पर नहीं है एक राय - NDTV

रेप के खिलाफ कानून पर मतभेद बरकरार - NDTV

Women's safety a priority? Anti-rape law still in discussion - NDTV

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महिलाओं पर अपराध, बदले हैं हालात?

प्राइम टाइम : महिलाओं पर अपराध, बदले हैं हालात?

8 मार्च को अंतरराष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस के मौके पर एक बार फिर देश में महिला से जुड़े मुद्दों पर चर्चा आरंभ हो गई। आखिर क्या कुछ बदलाव आ रहा है। महिलाओं को हक कब मिलेगा... इन्हीं सब मुद्दों पर प्राइम टाइम में चर्चा...

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