Friday, September 17, 2010

Judicial Stunner- Incomplete 'Phere' breaks marriage bond –discussion-video report

Judicial Stunner- Incomplete 'Phere' breaks marriage bond


Video report on INDIATV

Husband wife and their lawyers discuss the case with views from the SC lawyer and Pundit on incomplete phere as ground






In a bizarre ruling, a family court in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh annulled the 12-year-old marriage of a couple on the basis of five ‘Phere’ (steps) and same gotras.

It was a shocking verdict for girl's father, who is fighting the legal battle since 22 August 2001.

In the 100-page ruling, the judge pronounced the verdict against Neeru, citing reduced Phere and same gotras. The judge said that as per the Article 11 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, the marriage was not completed due to reduced Phere and same gotra. As per the Hindu Marriage rituals seven Phere are compulsory. Surprisingly, the marriage was cancelled by the family court for just short of two Phere.

The 'Saat Phere' is an important ritual performed during the wedding in which the bride and the groom circumambulate a sacred fire, known as agni, seven times.

However, Neeru claimed that the 'Saat Phere' ritual was properly performed at a time of marriage.

Reacting on the decision, the Neeru's lawyer described it as a big mistake committed by the family court. He said that there were four evidences had been produced before the court.

The pundit, who performed the marriage, deposed twice before the magistrate and he confirmed completion of 'Saat Phere'. Four other witnesses were also produced before the court and marriage video was also played twice in the court, the lawyer said.

However, lawyer is keen to challenge the lower court order in Allahabad High Court but demoralized Neeru refused to fight the legal battle anymore.

The verdict was real stunning for Neeru and people of the city as well. Neeru’s father is completely broken after the verdict and gave up the hope of any justice. A tearful Neeru was also disappointed with the verdict and said she don’t wish to challenge the verdict.