Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MISUSE of ipc 498a dowry harassment laws as Chiranjeevi's daughter Srija files dowry harassment

Chiranjeevi's daughter Srija files dowry harassment case. Yet another case  of misuse of 498a . Evidently Meenakshi Lekhi, a feminist lawyer promotes its abuse and misuse as she views it as OVERUSE OF 498a 
16 march 11
The issues and dispute are different and do not fall in the ambit of 498a but still these allegations are allowed and given color of dowry harassment to get the matter settled at the unlawfull terms of wife by systematic extortion and blackmailing of husband and his relatives who are hapeless remedyless and are victimised on mere false allegations of the wife.
This case clearly depicts how after LOVE MARRIAGE that was done against the girl’s parents wishes is ruined with interference of girl’s parents who ultimately convince,tutor and pressurise their daughters to get divorce from the SON-IN-LAW they were always opposed to.
And it also exemplifies how mindlessly such girls MISUSE AND ABUSE DOWRY HARASSMENT LAWS to get out of a marriage at their own terms.

HYDERABAD: Police adopted a cautious approach in handling the dowry harassment complaint filed by Chiranjeevi's daughter Srija against her husband and in-laws.
Police said that they were in the process of gathering evidence to substantiate the complaint lodged by Srija.
In her written complaint, Srija alleged that her husband Sirish Bharadwaj along with her mother-in-law Suryamangala had been physically and mentally harassing her for the last few months for money to set up business.
According to police, Srija, in her complaint, said that as the harassment continued, she feared that Sirish might force her to sell away properties registered in her name. "Due to suspicion, she re-registered the properties on her family members name," a Central Crime Station (CCS) official said.
The 22-year-old housewife also alleged that she had sent several e-mails and SMSes to her family members and friends about the harassment. "Srija put up with the torture for a long time, but left for her parents' house a few days ago when Sirish physically assaulted her in an inebriated state," an investigating officer said.
On Tuesday, CCS police asked Srija to submit supporting evidence like property papers, email and SMS details.
According to sources, Sirish was in police custody and his parents were also in touch with them. But they would show his arrest after getting substantial evidence from Srija.
Earlier in the day, DCP DD J Satyanarayana told media personnel that cases were registred against Sirish and his mother under Sections 498-A (Subjecting a married woman to cruelty) and 3 & 4 of the Dowry (Prohibition) Act of IPC.