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Misuse of ipc 498a by Nisha Sharma exposed.Munish Dalal & family aquittal

Part 1/2 Misuse of ipc 498a by Nisha Sharma exposed.Munish Dalal & family aquittal Star News on 01mar12



2/2 Misuse of ipc 498a by Nisha Sharma exposed.Munish Dalal & family aquittal Star News on 01mar12 





Misuse of ipc 498a by Nisha Sharma exposed after 9 yrs.Munish Dalal & family aquittal news24-01mar12 


Misuse of IPC 498a DOWRY laws by Nisha sharma.Munish Dalal & family aquitted

Misuse of IPC 498a DOWRY laws by Nisha sharma. Munish Dalal & family aquitted- Electronic Media coverage


Misuse of IPC 498a DOWRY laws by Nisha sharma.Munish Dalal & family aquitted on 01mar12 


Misuse of IPC 498a DOWRY laws by Nisha sharma.Munish Dalal & family aquitted on 01mar12 



Blantant Misuse of IPC 498a DOWRY laws by Nisha sharma. Munish Dalal & family aquitted 


‘Nisha hero of Class VI book , I’m one with no principles’.Munish's name should be removed from text books

‘Nisha hero of Class VI book , I’m one with no principles. Munish's name should be removed from text books

Sitting in his West Delhi home, Munish Dalal flips through a Class VI English textbook and stops at Chapter 14, titled ‘Man in jail over dowry case’. 

It reads “A man was arrested from his Vikaspuri home after the family of his bride-to-be told the police that the groom’s family was demanding a large sum of dowry”.

The chapter in the book, published by the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT), talks about Dalal and the woman who “stood up to him”, Nisha Sharma.
“She became a national hero for standing up (against) dowry when she was misusing the law blatantly. Even schoolchildren throughout Delhi read about how I was a man with no principles,” Munish said, waving the book angrily.
After hearing the case for nine long years, a Greater Noida court on Wednesday acquitted Munish, his mother and aunt of the charges that they demanded Rs 12 lakh dowry, following which Nisha called off the marriage on the wedding day.
The court ruled that Nisha levelled false dowry allegations against Munish as she wanted to marry someone else.
Munish sees the chapter in the textbook as a symbol of the public humiliation he suffered. “The court may have ruled in my favour, but my road to redemption is long. The first step is to have this chapter removed. How could they put this in when the court still had not given a verdict, is also a question I want answered,” he said.
Education minister Arvinder Lovely told Newsline that SCERT books have been phased out from curriculum in all schools of Delhi. “We use only NCERT books now,” he said.
Dalal married in 2008, has two children and works with a private company. He said he is happy that the court has come out with the truth, but the incident has left deep scars.
“On May 9, 2003, I had a wonderful life ahead of me. I was to be married, a government job was in the pipeline, and my family was happy. But my baraat was turned away,” Munish said.
That same night, a police complaint of dowry was filed against Munish, after which he was jailed for nearly two months.
“The next nine years, I watched the woman who ruined me and my family become the darling of the country. She appeared on talk shows, won awards, documentaries were made on her. I lost my friends, job prospects and peace of mind. There is much she has to answer for,” Munish said.
Meanwhile, D D Sharma, Nisha Sharma’s father, said: “We are not convinced with the court’s decision. We will consult our legal advisors, and probably appeal against the order.”


Nisha Sharma dowry case: Noida court acquits all accused

The Court found that Nisha Sharma's allegations were false as she wanted to avoid getting married to Manish Dalal

Rebel bride’s dowry charge junked

Aniruddha Ghosal, TNN Mar 1, 2012, 03.21AM IST
GREATER NOIDA: She hit the headlines nine years ago after calling off her wedding in front of 200 guests, alleging the groom's family had demanded a massive dowry at the last minute. But on Wednesday, all the fame and media adulation Nisha Sharma cornered in 2003 seemed misplaced when a court here declared she had fabricated the dowry charges to wriggle out of the nuptials.
Calling Sharma's action pre-meditated, the chief judicial magistrate at Gautam Budh Nagar district courts, Vipin Rai, acquitted all the four accused in the case - the groom Munish Dalal, his mother Vidya Dalal, his aunt Savitri Sharma, and Nisha's former classmate Navneet Rai.
The court noted that there was "insufficient evidence to prove that the demand of Rs 12 lakh had been made by the Dalal family a night before the wedding". The witness introduced by Sharma's counsel was "not related" to the family and had died during the course of investigation, opening up room for "benefit of doubt for the accused", the CJM said. TOI has a copy of the order.
After examining the evidence produced in court, the CJM ruled that Sharma was close to her classmate Navneet Rai and wished to marry him. Her family had discussed the alliance with Rai's family but it did not work out. Sharma's father then betrothed her to Dalal. The order says Sharma was unhappy with the match and had set her heart on marrying Navneet, so she cooked up the dowry story.
During investigation, Rai himself had testified against Sharma. Munish Dalal had claimed at the time that Navneet met and told him about his relationship with the woman.
On Wednesday, Sharma couldn't be contacted and her father DD Sharma refused to comment without seeing a copy of the order. "I haven't seen a copy of the court's decision and I simply can't comment upon the matter until I have seen it. Nisha still doesn't know about the order and I am not going to be the one who tells her. Let the court's order come tomorrow and then we will see. But if what the media is saying is true, we will definitely be appealing against the decision," he said.
A relieved Munish Dalal said the court had vindicated his position. "Nine years of my life were ruined and there is nothing that can make up for it and the amount of suffering that my family and I faced as a result of this. I was a government employee and just a month shy of completing my probation, but after these allegations my whole life and career were ruined."
Nisha Sharma and Munish Dalal would have tied the knot on May 11, 2003. But the wedding was called off when Sharma alleged the Dalals had demanded Rs 12 lakh cash and a car in dowry. She called the police and a case was registered against Munish, his mother and his aunt.

 Nisha Sharma dowry case: Noida court acquits all accused

The Gautam Budh Nagar district court on Wednesday acquitted all the accused in the infamous Nisha Sharma dowry case for the lack of concrete evidence against them.
In 2003, the girl from Noida in the national capital region (NCR) shot into the limelight as she turned back her marriage party refusing to tie the knot because she claimed that her to be in-laws had asked for dowry.
The police arrested Nisha's to be husband Manish Dalal and his family members for dowry harassment.
However, the Gautam Budh Nagar district court acquitted all the accused saying there were not enough evidence to prove the charge.
The court also dismissed another case filed by Nisha against Navneet Rai, who had claimed that he was already married to the girl when the Dalals turned up at her residence for the marriage.
Though it came as a huge relief for the Dalal family, it was a big embarrassment for Nisha and her family members. Nisha had been hailed as a heroine in the fight against dowry after she turned back the marriage party.
Now, questions are also being asked about whether anti-dowry laws are biased against men and their families. The Sharmas are now planning to challenge the lower court order in a higher court.
Talking to Headlines Today, Nisha's father D.D. Sharma on Thursday insisted that the accused family was just let off because of lack of evidence against them and the court had not acquitted them restoring their pride.
On the other side, accused Manish said he and his family members suffered a lot because of the false allegations levelled against them. He said the court order came as a big relief to them.

Nine Years Later, All Accused Acquitted In Nisha Sharma Dowry Case

 Noida, Mar 1: Nine years after he was arrested for demanding dowry, a local court on Wednesday acquitted Munish Dalal, his mother and aunt in the Nisha Sharma case for lack of evidence.

The case hit the headlines in 2003 when Nisha Sharma refused to marry Dalal at the eleventh hour alleging that the bridegroom's family had demanded dowry. Nisha Sharma was then hailed for her courage.

Nisha's father DD Sharma  had alleged the groom's parents had demanded additional dowry.

Following this, Munish Dalal, his mother and aunt Savitri Sharma were arrested. They were released on bail a few months later.

Chief judicial magistrate Vipin Sharma on Wednesday  acquitted them due to "lack of strong evidence". Nisha Sharma's advocate said they will challenge the order in a higher court.

Dalal's family had all along maintained that Nisha called off the wedding because she wanted to marry one Navneet Rai.

Rai had also claimed that he married Nisha at a temple and had produced some documents. Nisha had instead lodged a cheating case against Rai. The court also acquitted Rai.

"Citing lack of strong evidence, the CJM gave the benefit of doubt to the accused and ordered their acquittal. The prosecution also could not prove the documents produced by Rai were fake," said SN Verma, senior prosecution officer.

Nisha Sharma, a resident of Sector 56, Noida, overnight became an anti-dowry icon after she called off her wedding at the last minute. In November 2003, she married a resident of Modi Nagar.

After his acquittal, Munish Dalal said, "I have suffered a lot in these nine years. But as the judge read the acquittal lines, the first thing that came to my mind was that truth has won."

He said the 60 days he was in jail was the "most horrible period" of his life.

His mother Vidya Dalal said, "The court has pulled us out of hell and I thank God for that."

"I was working as a teacher and was to retire on May 31 of that year. Due to this episode, my gratuity and PF has not been released after all these years."


Nisha Sharma dowry case: Court acquits all accused

 The Gautam Budh Nagar district court on Wednesday acquitted Munish Dalal and his family members in the 2003 Nisha Sharma dowry case. 

Nisha had made national headlines when, on her wedding day, she refused to marry Munish alleging that his family members had made a dowry demand the previous night.

The court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Vipin Rai, while dismissing the charges against the four accused, observed that Nisha’s decision to call off her wedding was pre-planned.
In May 2003, Munish, his mother Vidya Dalal and aunt Savitri Sharma were booked in a police case after Nisha alleged that the family demanded Rs 12 lakh as dowry. The court in its order said there was “insufficient evidence to prove that the demand... had been made by the Dalal family a night before the wedding”.
The court also acquitted Nisha’s classmate Navneet Rai, who was also booked on the charge of giving false documents against Nisha.
The court ruled that Nisha was close to Navneet Rai and had wished to marry him instead of Munish. Nisha’s family had also approached Navneet for the marriage but when the proposal did not work, her marriage was fixed with Munish. Nisha who was not happy with her marriage then levelled false allegations of dowry demand.