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Marital stress drives more men to suicide than women-Demand Men's Welfare Ministry and National Commision for Men- nternational Men’s day 2010

Marital stress drives more men to suicide than women-Demand Men's Welfare Ministry and National Commision for Men on International Men’s day 2010

Rebecca Samervel TNN


Has the equation in the war of the sexes changed

Strange it may sound,but the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) figures released by a city-based mens rights advocacy group shows that the number of married men ending their lives is far more than their female counterparts.And the group claims that the men to women suicide ratio of 65:35 indicates that it is the men can now don the tag of the oppressed sex.

The data was revealed on the World Mens Day by the Indian Family Foundation,a global movement started by the families of Indian men facing abuse in the hands of their wives.According to the figures mentioned in the report in 2008,57,639 married men across the country killed themselves,compared to 30,224 married women.Every nine minutes,an Indian husband commits suicide.Men contribute to 92 % taxes but face 100% ignorance, an organization member said.

The organization pointed out that most of the men who ended their lives were often ridiculed as being weak and irresponsible and denied any support or counselling.No one believes that men can be victims of domestic violence.But a survey shows that in the past 12 years,1,70,000 married men have committed suicide,as they could no longer bear the domestic strife, Zaveri added.

The organization blames the phenomenon on the fact that the world has turned a deaf ear to all the complaints coming from men.There is no limit to the expectations from a man.The unaddressed domestic abuse and family disputes are taking a huge toll on married men.No one shares their pain and there is no social support system for these distressed men, an organization member said.In spite of the suicide of the doctor from Lucknow who left behind a suicide note accusing his wife and in-laws of cruelty,no action has been taken by the police.

The group is now urging the government to start a ministry for men and also a National Commission for Men on the lines of the ones that exist for women.If there can be a government organization for women,children and even animals,we deserve to have one as well, Zaveri said.

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