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Kyunki saas can also be at the receiving end -AIMPF Chandigarh launched – slideshow

Kyunki saas can also be at the receiving end AIMPF Chandigarh launched


AIMPF Chandigarh


CHANDIGARH: The word 'saas' mostly brings to mind the wicked mother-in-law (MIL), intent on making life miserable for her son's wife. Such is the impact of negative representations of MILs through popular media that even women who are harassed by their daughters-in-law do not get adequate hearing. Extending a helping hand to these mothers, All India Mother-in-Law Protection Forum (AIMPF), a non-funded and non-profit social forum, inaugurated its Chandigarh chapter on Sunday.

The AIMPF, whose headquarter is in Bangalore, was launched on September 6 last year. The Chandigarh unit would cater to the city, as well as other states of Punjab, Haryana and HP.

Coordinator for Chandigarh chapter, Manjit Puri, said: "MILs will not bear the harassment any further. They are being discriminated against, despite their generosity." Besides Puri, Suman Nayyar, Nisha and Jaswinder Kaur Saini would be looking after the city affairs through a helpline - 9569563161.

"At the end of the day, it's the MIL who gives her son and property to her daughter-in-law. And she is the one who has to face the brunt of the fallacy as she's held responsible in case the marriage does not work," Puri added. The latter's son, Lukhwinder, said: "Before our marriage, my wife, Jatinder Kaur, said she was a spinster. We later came to know that she was married not once but twice. She would pick up fights and even demanded that my mother should leave our house. After I did not agree, she vanished, only to be found at her parent's house after a week. She even threatened to commit suicide."

Another 'victim', Arun Kumar, said, "I got married in 2008. My wife soon began harassing my 60-year-old mother. She said she couldn't cook and wanted a maid. Though she returned to her parent's house, they slapped a case against us." Kumar, who had gone to England on a work visa, says the case has meant that he can't return there.

In a National Family Health Survey on 30,000 women from different parts of India, it was revealed that in the age range of 15-49, it is the mother of the woman who perpetrates more violence on her rather than her MIL.

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