Friday, August 20, 2010

Wife kills man with help of lovers, held

Wife kills man with help of lovers, held

TNN, Aug 11, 2010, 01.56am IST

CHENNAI: The suburban police on Tuesday arrested a woman and her two friends in Poonamallee for the murder of the former's 59-year-old estranged husband, found strangled in his house on Monday.

Police inquiries revealed that 42-year-old Anitha sent Madhan (24) and Prabhakaran (25) to kill Premraj because he was against his younger daughter Archana, already wedded to Lawrence, married to Madhan. A few days ago, Premraj went to Anitha's house in Kattupakkam and allegedly abused and assaulted her and Archana. Anitha then decided to eliminate Premraj, the police said.
On Monday evening, Madhan and Prabhakaran of VOC Street in Parivakkam near Poonamallee went to Premraj's house, located a few streets away from where Anitha lived, and the three began drinking. Premraj soon collapsed and the two strangled him with an electric cable and fled.

"On receiving information, we went to the spot and found Premraj dead. We informed Anitha who came and began crying on seeing her husband dead. Some neighbours and relatives said we would get a lead only if Madhan and Prabhakaran were questioned. We then questioned Madhan and Anitha individually and the whole plot unravelled," a police officer said.

According to the police, Premraj and Anitha of Nagercoil, have two daughters Ashwini (20) and Archana (19). Ashwini married and and settled in Nagercoil. The police said Anitha allegedly developed an illicit affair with Lawrence, while she worked in a shoe shop, and got him married to her younger daughter eight months ago. Soon, Lawrence began ignoring his mother-in-law and Anitha decided to separate him from her daughter, the police said. Meanwhile, Anitha became close to brothers Prabhakaran and Madhan, who were working in provision stores in Aminjikarai and Poonamallee respectively. Following this, Premraj moved out of the house and began staying separately a few streets away. Anitha later forcefully threw Lawrence out of the house and began staying in another house with Archana.

The police said Premraj, a biscuit-seller, used to move around on his bicycle and deliver biscuits to shops in many important areas of the city. During his trips, he got to know Madhan and Prabhakaran since they worked in provision stores and they visited Premraj's house several times. Later, they were said to have become close to Anitha.

The Poonamallee police registered a case and arrested Anitha, Madhan and Prabhakaran on charges of murder. Further investigations are on.

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