Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls in love 'marry', seek protection

Girls in love 'marry', seek protection

NEW DELHI: Two girls — aged 22 and 21 — submitted an affidavit in the Mayur Vihar police station on Wednesday night claiming that they are living together.

Additional deputy commissioner of police (East) I B Irani said: "The girls submitted the affidavit to intimate the local police in their area of their intentions.

One of them works in a private sector office, while the other is unemployed. Though it is not necessary to file such an affidavit, the girls did so on their own accord."

Sources said the duo had come to the station to seek police protection following threats from family members. The girls, residents of Trilokpuri and Wazirabad, had reportedly met six months ago while working in the same office and had developed a romantic relationship. Earlier this month, they reportedly ‘married' and fled from their homes on August 12 to live together. The parents of one of the girls had allegedly threatened the family members of the other. They warned them of dire consequences if their daughter did not return home.

Following the threats, the couple filed the affidavit with the police, said the sources. The couple is currently living together, said the police. The couple is reportedly planning to move court to seek police protection.

Supreme Court lawyer Pinki Anand said: "Though same-sex marriage is not valid under the Hindu Marriage Act, if two consenting adults decide to live together, it is not a criminal offence. If they receive reasonably serious threats, courts are sympathetic to couples seeking protection, whether they are heterosexual couples or those of the same sex."

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