Thursday, June 18, 2015

Truth of Ipc 498a - Misuse and Abuse - Tool for Extortion and Blackmailing and Harassing Indian husband and his family

Truth of Ipc 498a - Misuse and Abuse - Tool for Extortion, Blackmailing and Harassing Indian husbands and his family

On Hum Log - A programme on News Nation Channel televised on 18 June 2015

Video Credits and Courtesy:- News Nation TV channel


  1. The misuse of 498a has become so grave problem in India that PMO's campaign of India shining is so fake. It is time that men boycott women in all walks of life and make them alone..completely alone.


  2. is it not seems to be serious problem to indian government?

    98% fake cases are ruining present and future of india.

    Shame on sleeping Govt. Of India

  3. the law is correct and good if used properly. it is the lawyers who are misusing for their benefits. the govt who is sleeping must act ASAP or the future is doomed

    1. This is partially correct. To a great extent women are to blame. Are they kids that they dont understand consequences of what will happen next after 498a is filed? Lawyers will promise moon to them..but at what cost? arent women thinking? the fact is that the moment a wife realizes her married life is over emotionally, physically etc, she will misuse all laws at her disposal coz there are no punishments for fake cases

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