Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tarun Tejpal of Tehalka and Retd Sc Judge AK Ganguly accused under Sexual Harassment at Work Place law. Use Abuse or Misuse ! Discussion DD NEWS-Amnae Samnae

Tarun Tejpal of Tehalka and Retd Sc Judge AK Ganguly 
accused under 
Sexual Harassment at Work Place/Rape Laws.
Use Abuse or Misuse ! 

Discussion on DD NEWS-Amnae Samnae Telecasted on 29 NOV 2013 @ 10-10.30 pm

Ms Jyoti Tiwari, Mens Right Activist, Save India Family Foundation
Ms Shubhi Chaturvedi, Asst Professor, Journalism Lady Shriram College
Ms Charu Wali, Member NCW
Mr SK Dua, Journalist and Rajya Sabha Member
Anchor - Sudhanshu Ranjan

A Must watch video where SIFF ideology (by Jyoti Tiwari) objurgates into the feminists who come to the edge of their seats to rattle and "Have strong objections to what is being said on panel".

Noticeably when these "Supporters of Mom Batti brigade" find themseleves exposed and on wrong foot they quickly hide behind their archiac magniloquent rhetorics and that to in "Angarezi" forgetting that they are on a Hindi Programme.

Kudos to Jyoti ji for all the efforts.
You rock 

Part 1/2

Part 2/2

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  1. It looks like society is all set to prove women / children are victims and men are culprits... wait a minute and think, what / who is left to run the society.... ???

    Fewer than 30% women are harassing &/ threatening 70% men at workplace, who is dangerous? who need protection? Irony is threatening &/ harassing strengthens with induction program...

    Okay, Women's word is testimony, what do you do, when she blunder lies?