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Women’s empowerment and ego problems are spoiling society: HC judge

Women’s empowerment and ego problems are spoiling society: HC judge

Woman takes alimony from ex-husband but doesn’t let him meet their daughter. Enraged, the judge added, ‘You want his money, but don’t want him to see the child’

Posted On Monday, February 27, 2012 at 03:51:22 AM

The society is being spoilt because of women’s empowerment and ego problems,” an angry judge told an advocate whose woman client accepts alimony from her former husband, but refuses him the right to visit their daughter.

The division bench of Justice K L Manjunath and Justice K Govindarajulu were hearing an appeal by Binu Vineet, seeking visitation rights to see his minor daughter whom he had not seen for seven years. The 16-year-old girl lives with her mother, Shiny.
Shiny’s advocate argued against the plea, saying Vineet was not interested in the child and had not paid child maintenance for years.
Vineet, who was present in court, said, “If there is even a single rupee pending from my side as child maintenance, I would withdraw this appeal.”
Justice Manjunath asked Shiny’s advocate if the girl’s father was paying the monthly maintenance. When told he was, the judge said, “You tried to create an impression that he was not paying for the last three years. I am sorry to say this, but society is being spoilt because of women’s empowerment, ego problems and small issues being blown out of proportion. I do not know where the society is headed with such attitude. Both the parents pamper the child to make it avoid the other parent. The child takes money from both the parents, and will end up as a vagabond on the streets. Even the judges are to be blamed for this. They pass orders on just the facts, without considering humane issues.”
Justice Manjunath said that advocates had the responsibility of trying to get the parties to reconcile. He further said that the woman in this case was behind money. “You want his money, but don’t want him to see the child,” the judge said.

Divorced in 2005
Vineet and Shiny were married on June 23, 1994, at St George’s Church, Kerala. They divorced through mutual consent in March 2005. Their only daughter is now 16 years. Vineet has been trying to get custody and visitation rights for years. In 2008, the trial court rejected his plea, and Vineet moved the high court last year.
In its order, the HC said, “We tried to persuade the parties to reconcile. But the respondent says that the daughter is not willing to meet her father.

The respondent contends that the child has apprehensions about meeting her father and fears that she would not be compatible and comfortable. We cannot appreciate her arguments on these grounds based on the child’s response.”
The court also noted that the child is now studying in Std X in a reputed school in Bangalore and would join college shortly. “The appellant is allowed to meet his daughter once in two weeks for three to four hours,” the court ordered.
Vineet’s advocate, Siju Abraham Verghese of Ranjit Shankar Associates, said, “The case for custody of the girl started in 2001, when she was just five years old. In the past seven years, the father did not get to meet his daughter even once despite both of them living in the same city.
“A case was also filed when our client went to his former wife’s house to see his daughter. The comment made by the judge was of a serious nature, but very true. The wife’s advocate told the court that maintenance had not been paid for the past five years. It is totally false. There had been blatant misuse of law by women in some cases which was looked into by the court today. Any number of problems may arise between the husband and wife but even as advocates we have to look at the welfare of the child and try make the parents reach a settlement as far as the child is concerned.”


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  1. women empowerment is not spoiling the society but it shows that both male & female are essential for society. Male should mould himself according to the situation. why a child is closer to his mother? Because she takes care of her, even a working female in spite of her tough duty must take care of his child. Father should take care of child .Now the time has changed earning of both partner become essential.In such situation male should forgo his ego otherwise society will burst. women empowerment is necessary for the development of nation, only it needs the full cooperation of male, not to take it as an ego.