Sunday, August 28, 2011

Misuse of IPC 498A Dowry Harassment Laws - The Bared Naked Truth

Misuse of IPC 498A Dowry Harassment Laws - The Bared Naked Truth  

Wasif Ali slams Feminists' web of lies on Gender Discourse programme of LOKSABHA TV on 28 Aug 2011

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  1. Ranjana Kumari doesn't believe NCRB statistics when it comes to 90% of 498a cases being false, but has no problem in believing the same NCRB statistics for dowry death!..... and that's how the cookie crumbles!.

    The lawyer is happy that in theory the police has to investigate and then only arrest if necessary, he doesn't bother about the fact that in practice arrests happen without investigation, and in violation of the recent Cr.PC 41A amendment.... the day he starts bothering about this will be when he himself is in the jail on a false cognisable complaint(like 498a).

    Everyone is happy blaming the ineptitude of police, so why are we giving such sweeping powers to police when they don't know how to handle such power.

  2. The lawyer is singing the same tune which Ranjana and her ilk usually sings... any woman will file cases like 498a or dowry harassment only as a last resort.... on second thoughts they are right, they file it as a last resort when they don't get what they want, when they can't wrest power by other means of terror!....they take the aid of state-sponsored terror!.

    Nice logic by Ranjana and her crony-lawyer if women face harassment/cruelty they should take recourse to criminal law, if men face the same thing they should get a divorce and get out!...... NICE.... very NICE!.

  3. usually 498a is filed only as a last resort .because no girl wants to break her family. I too know many cases where 498a would have been filed due to extreme torture faced by the wife, but she has two child she is waiting for amicable settlement.
    If there is any false allegation it must be punished, a new rule must be implemented.
    the data showing the no. of cases of 498a at court is absolutely false,because not so many cases are at family court.