Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family courts falling short of goals

Family courts falling short of goals

By: Imran Shah | Published: October 14, 2010

LAHORE - The unexpected alarming surge in the institution of cases for divorce on the basis of Khula has made it difficult for the family courts to follow the National Judicial Policy-Making Committee (NJMPC), a body supposed to chalk out various long and short-term measures for early disposal of the cases.
The filing of divorce suits has witnessed an unprecedented surge over the last few years due to various factors like ever-rising unemployment and price-hike and monetary issues, in addition to the bad impact of entertainment channels, especially of Indian ones, revealed a survey conducted by TheNation.
The process of getting minors custody is a separate issue but all that including the recovery of dowry-articles and custody of minors can be claimed through a single suit, which has a relief to the women.
Advocate Muhammad Akbar Khan and others pointed out that family courts were overburdened with swelling pile of divorce suits. “The courts are falling short of the goals, set by the National Judicial Policy according to which family cases including that of the custody of minors and recovery of dowry-articles should be decided within six months,” they elaborated.
A data collected from the courts showed horrible figures of suits, instituted for getting divorces. In the family court of Civil Judge Syed Naseer Abbas Naqvi, a total 1,116 cases for dissolution of marriage were instituted from January to August 2010, and 1,046 cases of separations were decided by the court during the said period. Similarly the family court of Civil Judge Tamsal Syed Naeem received 724 cases for the dissolution of marriage from January to July 2010. Some 141 cases of family matters were instituted in the court of Civil Judge Ayeshum Bint-e-Sadiq in the month of July 2010. Again 90 per cent of the cases were of the separations.

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