Thursday, September 23, 2010

'Hire upright, honest judges to change corrupt judiciary image' - SC

'Hire upright, honest judges to change corrupt judiciary image' – SC

23 sep 2010

NEW DELHI: Concerned at the dipping image of the judicial system due to growing incidents of corruption, the Supreme Court has said all round efforts were needed urgently to recruit upright and honest persons as judicial officers to effect an image makeover for the judiciary.

"Upright and honest judicial officers are needed not only to bolster the image of the judiciary in the eyes of the litigants but also to sustain the culture of integrity, virtue and ethics among judges," said a bench comprising Justices Mukundakam Sharma and Anil R Dave.

Writing for the bench, Justice Sharma said: "Public perception of judiciary matters just as much as its role in dispute resolution. The credibility of the entire judiciary is often undermined by isolated acts of transgression by a few members of the bench, and therefore it is imperative to maintain a high benchmark of honesty, accountability and good conduct."

The bench gave vent to its feeling while upholding the dismissal of a Jammu & Kashmir district judge. It said the officer was in the probation period and that the high court was right in not confirming his services after scrutinising his track record. Not taking this incident as an isolated one, the bench reflected upon the solemn duty cast on the HCs to consider and appreciate the service of a judicial officer before confirming him in service so as to weed out the deadwood and corrupt from the judiciary.

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