Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lawyers protest against woman judge, strike work

Lawyers protest against woman judge, strike work

NEW DELHI: Lawyers at the Dwarka district court complex on Monday abstained from work to mark their protest against the alleged "misbehaviour'' of a female judge. While the judge only refused to give the copy of order immediately despite the insistence of the lawyer, the bar association dubbed the incident as insulting and called the strike.

Announcing strike, a circular issued by the Dwarka Bar Association read, "Today, the lawyers will abstain from work because of the misbehaviour of the judge.'' According to sources, lawyer Ajender Singh and judge got into heated argument after the metropolitan magistrate refused to provide the copy of the order sought by the counsel.

When the counsel asked the steno for the order, the judge allegedly got furious which resulted in a quarrel. The lawyer, who witnessed the incident and did not wished to be named, said it was only after the situation got out of hand, that the bar association decided to hold a strike.

The bar association also approached the district and sessions judge of Dwarka court I S Mehta to hear the matter. D&S I S Mehta later called for a meeting and the matter was resolved amicably.


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