Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is India geared up for sexual harassment policies?

Is India geared up for sexual harassment policies?

The recent incidents which had names matching the likes of Penguin’s Canada chief executive David Davidar and Hewlett-Packard’s global CEO Mark Hurd has once again ignited the issue of sexual harassment in the global markets and it is indeed very interesting to note that how much geared up are the Indian companies in the same regards.

While the issue is at very nascent stages as far as India inc. goes but companies like Pepsi, LG, Maruti already have an policy in place to ensure that the company is at its toes for the safety of its employees.

It is to be mentioned here that according to Pavan Bhatia, ED-HR, PepsiCo India, the policy that is being set up by the global cola major, Pepsi is based as per Supreme Court’s guidelines on sexual harassment and there is also a committee for the issue consisting of 12 senior management executives at Pepsi, in case someone lodges a complaint.

In fact, the committee formed by the company appoints at least five members to duly investigate the matter and takes decisions accordingly.

It may be noted here that while Maruti Suzuki claims to have had no instance of sexual harassment in the company for the last 25 years, but the company has still formulated a robust Sexual Harassment Policy which will be announced to the company employees in the coming days.



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