Friday, July 2, 2010

Feminism goes Talibani way- Women thrash Muslim clerics, husband, slander UP CM mayawati and UP police

videos courtesy :- Aajtak , Star News and IBN7 on 30th june2010

Indian Feminism is turning into Talibanism - Alleging fraud these unscruplous women supported by feminist ngos thrash Muslim clerics husband, slander UP CM mayawati. One can easily make out what they would be upto in confines of the four walls of home which would have forced the husband to seek divorce.

Is this what the religion preaches them.?

Is this the legal civilised way of protesting ?

Is it not staged/managed high drama to harass defame and extort the husband to get their whims by whipping up emotions in the name of womenhood. ?

Is slandering others who dont support their action womenhood/feminism ?



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