Friday, July 9, 2010

CAW are Criminal women police Cells - Woman ASI caught taking Rs 500 bribe in CAW

CAW cell Woman ASI caught taking Rs 500 bribe

VADODARA: A woman cop from mahila police station was caught allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 500 from a complainant on Thursday. Assistant sub-inspector Laksmi Parmar was arrested by the anti-corruption bureau (ACB) when she was accepting bribe from Raju Shrimali. Shrimali had approached the ACB officials two days ago when Parmar asked him to dole out cash for making some documents.
This is for the first time that a woman cop from mahila police station that was established last year was caught accepting bribe. According to ACB officials, Shrimali's wife Hema had registered complaint against him for demanding dowry in 2009. The couple had got married in 2008. "Shrimali was called to the mahila police station on Tuesday for investigation. Parmar told him that he will have to give Rs 500 cash for preparing some documents," said ACB officials.
"Shrimali told her that he is poor and doesn't have money, but she kept insisting for money. She even threatened to arrest him. So, he approached ACB following which we laid a trap," the officials added.

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  1. when the injustice increase such creature should come. This is excellent example of Corruption recruited by goverment. Goverment should ditribute justice in court not the husband asset and money. if court adapt this pratice to loot the Husband then why the Police Official remain clean..Govemt promote the Money extortion in the name of maintenance.