Friday, June 18, 2010

AIMWA to boycott family courts today

AIMWA to boycott family courts today

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Members of All India Men's Welfare Association (AIMWA) have given a one-day boycott call of family courts on Friday, June 18, two days before the Father's Day, to protest against the family court system. The members on Wednesday alleged that family courts discriminate against fathers by separating them from having access to their biological children.

Uma Challa of AIMWA, while talking to media persons, said that family courts are forcing fathers to pay huge sums of money to support children with whom they are not allowed to meet. The family courts are encouraging false allegations of abuse to project fathers as unfit parents.

“Family courts allow mothers to disobey visitation orders without any legal repercussion.

The courts are prolonging custody and visitation matters for years, thereby driving fathers into financial and emotional bankruptcy,” she said.

The AIMWA members demanded that the family courts immediately recognise that denying access to one's own children is abuse of human rights and depriving children of the love and care of their biological fathers is abuse of basic rights of children. “We will hold protest meeting in front of the Nampally court on that day,” she said.

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